Welcome Home

Beauty in Pittsburgh

Beauty in Pittsburgh

Welcome to eat, shop, stay, and live!

Here at my blog I’ll be sharing with you the joys or frustrations of eating at some great and not so great restaurants the atmosphere, service, and food. To save you the pain of “I spent what for what” or “HOLY CRUD where was this food all my life”.

Shopping at stores and letting you know the service received. Finally staying at fantastic hotels and ending up at that one place, that one time, where the bed had that one thing that was really BAD!!!

I am not endorsed by any of these establishments and really this is inspired from my joy and frustration with spending my hard earned money and experiencing that moment time and again of why did I waste my money on this place or why didn’t I hear about this place sooner! So if I can spare you the pain or increase your joy while saving you time I’ll do my best and I look forward to your feedback and opinions.


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